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As multidisciplinary artists, Ana and Allie Fair have wide-ranging bodies of work that they each pull from and bring to The House Opposite, from painting, collage, photography, mural design, printmaking, and drawing. Past work and experiences inform their combined aesthetic and ideas for transforming a space. 

Ana O'Keefe Ancient Life, 2020 Acrylic

Ana O'Keefe Pride of the Southside, 2020 MS 50, Brooklyn, NY Latex paint on brick wall

Ana O'Keefe Detail View, Pride of the Southside, 2020 MS 50, Brooklyn, NY

Allie Fair Keel A Cage of One's Own Gouache, ink, collage on paper

Allie Fair Keel Dreamscape 2, 2020 Collage, ink, marker on paper

Allie Fair Keel Dreamscape 1, 2020 Collage, ink on paper

Ana O'Keefe Tree of Life, 2019 Austin, TX Latex paint

Allie Fair Keel Tree Ghost, 2018 Film photograph

Ana O'Keefe A is for Axolotl, 2021 Watercolor

Ana O'Keefe Pre-Herstory, 2020 Gouache

Allie Fair Keel Family Curse, 2017 Gouache, ink, pencil on paper

Ana O'Keefe We the Women, 2017 acrylic paint

Ana O'Keefe Flower Girl, 2019 Gouache and colored pencil

Ana O'Keefe Cultura Con Azucar, 2014 Domino Sugar Factory Brooklyn, NY Latex Paint on Wall

Ana O'Keefe The Little Women, 2020 Watercolor and colored pencil

Allie Fair Keel Mother's Offering, 2022 Block print on fabric

Ana O'Keefe Gallo Mask, 2019 Gouache

Ana O'Keefe Jaguar Mask, 2022 Watercolor and colored pencil

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